Equipment for Advanced Optical Metrology


Our portfolio is mainly known for our award winning Viewing Angle Mesurement systems (EZContrast, EZLite, VCMaster). Those are used by all world leading companies manufacturing or integrating displays or lights sources in their products. With more than 800 such products sold to date, there is much chance that all the displays in your home, work, car, ... have been measured by us at some stage of their development or fabrication.

Whatever the technology (LCDs, OLEDs, 3D, light fields, ...) & whatever the application (Consumer products like tablets or TV sets, avionics, automotive applications and even cosmetics & paints) our products have proved to be the most efficient to provide exhaustive and accurate measurement of angular characteristics in terms of luminance, color coordinates, spectral or polarization content.

Besides, our portfolio also includes the UMaster range of Imaging Photometers & Colorimeters as well as OPTISCope, the most advanced response time measurement tool available today.