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Polarization analysis

ELDIM EZContrast instrument can be used to measure the degree of polarization the light and the ellipticity and polarization direction of the polarized component...



LCD operation and optimization depends on the use of sophisticated polarization compensation. The aims of these compensators are to optimize overall polarization state in order to achieve the highest contrast. This optimization is made for the highest viewing angle for optimized appearance. The entire LCD structure can be modeled to predict its polarization properties. So the polarization state of light emitted by the display versus incidence and azimuth angles is important to measure in addition the standard luminance and color information.

We present here a new option available with EZContrast instruments which is capable to evaluate the full polarization state of the light emitted by the displays in addition to luminance and color information.

Polarizers and wave-plates associated with ELDIM's EZContrast series Fourier optics allow getting a full viewing angle polarization characterization of any sample. By this mean, all key components of LCD can be characterized separately: from backlight and diffuser to brightness enhancement films or polarizers themselves. Comparisons between polarization properties and effects on color and luminance measurement can be easily made for a better understanding of the LCD behavior.

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