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NEW : viewing angle nir Characterization sources

VCProbe-NIR-STG is ideal to measure large aperture NIR sources.


This system allows a full map within a ±70° viewing angle cone and is calibrated at a wavelength of 940nm. 

This equipment allow high speed and accurate measurements for applications on R&D as well as mass production/QC.

VCProbe-NIR-DSD is suitable to measure small aperture NIR sources.


This system has an angular aperture of ±40° and an excellent angular resolution, it measures in real time a full map of any NIR source. VCProbe-NIR-DSD is calibrated at a wavelength of 850nm, 905nm, 940nm.

This system can measure all kind of sources such as LIDAR, Flash LIDAR, diode Laser and VCSEL on markets like self-driving cars.


viewing angle MEASUREMENTS

Need a high angular resolution ?

VCMaster 3D has a +/-50° angle aperture and 0.03° as angular resolution.

Get luminance and color data in a few minutes.

The best tool to measure 3D displays.

Need a wide angular aperture ?

EZContrast series have up to a +/-88 ° angle aperture. It can measure luminance and color in less than 30 s or spectral data in 5 mn, all angles at once !  

It measures emissive or reflective properties.

Need a viewing angle unit  with a smaller budget?

EZLite series are ideal tools, with +/-60° angle aperture. Luminance, color in a matter of seconds or spectral data in a few minutes.


production line - VIEWING ANGLE Tests

The optical analysis of angular caracteristics of components has to be done inline.

ELDIM is your partner to propose the most convenient technical solution which will match all your expectations.

VCProbe-VIS is a complete tool to analyse your free form displays inline



This complete measurement station is a precise, economical manual solution which ensures high accuracy

and reliability for testing your displays under thermal conditions.

The design is modular and allows a use of the bench with or without

the temperature chamber.

This complete measurement station is an accurate and fully automated solution which delivers complete test results reports with the automation software provided.

Dedicated to highest needs in terms of performances and capacity, Thor7 is designed to address most of QC needs for tests under thermal conditions.

Our specifc design allows to use the same systems for tests inside or outside the thermic chamber.


Response time MEASUREMENTS

OPTIScope-200 R2 comes with a complete solution for measurement of temporal characterisitcs of displays (Response time, Flicker, Gamma, MPRT).

OPTiscope-200 R2 provides an accurate evaluation of luminance (down to 5 Cd/m²)

The measurements of LED or OLED/AMOLED based  displays are possible thanks to 1Mz sampling frequency.



Imaging device dedicated to high end luminance & color measurements.

Our own made telecentric optics ensure high quality and reliable results.

Compare to color imaging this technique is much more powerful avoiding metamerism problems and analyzing in depth the light emission properties of any object.


UMaster-MS allows absolute hyperspectral measurements in the visible range (NIR on option) with

excellent accuracy.

The TTO line is designed for on axis imaging with high spatial resolution using home made high quality double telecentric objectives.