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Two new ELDIM's systems OFSCope-NIR & VCProbe-NIR

January 4, 2019

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We are pleased to announce that ELDIM is launching two new products OFScope-NIR & VCProbe-NIR.


These new equipment are dedicated to NIR source characterization.


In a growing market of mature & innovative technologies, these two new systems will be a key point for all measurements on 3D sensing technologies such as VCSEL and LIDAR components. These systems allow high speed and accurate measurements for applications on R&D as well as mas production/QC.


OFScope-NIR is ideal to measure small aperture NIR sources. It's a system optimized for individual VCSEL and has a Working Distance of 30mm. This system can measure all kind of sources such as LIDAR, Flash LIDAR, diode Laser and VCSEL on markets like self-driving cars. This system has an angular aperture of ±40° and an excellent angular resolution, it measures in real time a full map of any NIR source. OFScope-NIR is calibrated at a wavelength of 850nm, 905nm, 940nm.


VCProbe-NIR is mainly suitable to measure large aperture NIR sources. This equipment is designed to precisely measure characteristics of flood illuminators, stereoscopic imaging and structured light illumination components. It is used in particular for facial recognition (banking, phone application). This system allows a full map within a ±70° viewing angle cone, with a working distance of 4mm permitting non-contact measurement. VCProbe-NIR is calibrated at z wavelength of 940nm.


Product is standard and available as per datasheet specification for one unit. If a similar system is needed for a project or mass production, we can build a system working on customer specifications.


Please find here the datasheet on this page 


Please feel free to contact us on if you have any questions or demand about OFScope-NIR and VCProbe-NIR.

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